Blood Donor

Every three seconds someone needs blood; perhaps one day that someone will be you or someone you love. There is no substitute for human blood. We must rely on the generosity of healthy individuals to maintain a steady blood supply. Although 60% of the population are eligible to donate, in the Los Angeles area only 3% actually donate.

We should strive to meet the transfusion needs of patients in the community with an emphasis on quality, cost-effectiveness and customer service. Our patients include trauma victims, those who suffer from diseases such as cancer, those undergoing surgical procedures, as well as premature babies. In addition, maintaining a steady blood supply keeps us ready in the event of a disaster.

You can make a difference!
In the hour you might spend watching a television program about survivors, you could help someone become a survivor!

You can donate blood if:

  • You are in good health.
  • You are 16 years of age or older (written parental permission required until 17th birthday).
  • You weigh at least 110 lbs.

Additional Donor Eligibility Guidelines

The process to donate blood takes less than an hour (the actual donation time is less than 10 minutes).

In return for saving lives, our donors receive:

  • Gratification in knowing that they have contributed to the well-being of others.
  • A mini-health physical during which their blood pressure, pulse, temperature and hemoglobin level is checked.
  • A thank you letter from grateful staff including the results of our donors’ blood type and cholesterol level.