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What are ciguatoxins? The ciguatoxins (CTXs) are a group of marine biotoxins, which are the cause of a foodborne intoxication known as ciguatera fish poisoning (CFP). CFP is associated with consumption of coral reef fish from


What is Cryptosporidium? Cryptosporidium is a single-celled protozoan parasite belonging to the subclass Coccidia. Until recently, the only species thought to be important in human illness was referred to as Cryptosporidium parvum.

Bisphenol A

What is bisphenol A? Bisphenol A (BPA) is a phenolic compound (C15H16O2, CAS No. 80-05-7), also referred to as 2,2-bis(4-hydroxyphenyl)propane. It was first synthesized over a hundred years ago and is an important industrial chemical


What is Campylobacter? Campylobacter is a genus of Gram-negative, spiral-shaped bacteria containing at least 16 different species, some of which, especially C. jejuni, but also C. coli, C. lari, C. hyointestinalis and C. upsaliensis,


What is patulin? Patulin is a toxic fungal metabolite (mycotoxin) produced by certain moulds of the genera Penicillium, Aspergillus and Byssochlamys growing on various food commodities, especially fruit. Patulin exhibits a number of


What is Salmonella? Salmonella is a Gram-negative rod-shaped bacterium belonging to a family called the Enterobacteriaceae, but it is not included in the group of bacteria referred to as coliforms. Salmonella is one of the principal


What is Listeria? Listeria is a genus of Gram-positive, rod-shaped bacteria, containing a number of species including L. monocytogenes, L. innocua, L. welshimeri, L. seeligeri, L. ivanovii and L. grayi. Although the first four of these


What are glycoalkaloids? Many plants in the potato family (Solanaceae) contain glycoalkaloids, and they are considered to be natural toxins. They are active as pesticides and fungicides and are produced by the plants as a


What are aflatoxins? The aflatoxins are a group of chemically similar toxic fungal metabolites (mycotoxins) produced by certain moulds of the genus Aspergillus growing on a number of raw food commodities. Aflatoxins are highly toxic

HIV AIDS in Asia and the Pacific

Asia and the Pacific is a particularly high-risk region when it comes to HIV and AIDS. While over a million Americans are currently infected with the virus, nearly six million have HIV or AIDS in the Asia and Pacific region of the world.

Lectin Shield Reviews

Gut health has been making headlines quite a lot in recent days because it seems that many people and professionals are now admitting that gut health could be the single most important part of your health. While having healthy

Synbiotic 365 Reviews

Healthy gut flora is a topic in health and nutrition that has been overlooked for decades. Only now is it starting to come to the forefront and get the attention it deserves, which is why we’re seeing products like Synbiotic 365

310 Shake Reviews

Looking for a new meal replacement shake to boost your health, your energy, and your athletic performance? There are certainly a lot to choose from, so how do you go about picking? 310 Shake from 310Nutrition, is a product that

Total Restore Reviews

The statement ‘You are what you eat’ has been thrown around a lot to the extent that it doesn’t deliver the intended punch anymore. However, anyone keen on their health, and wellbeing understands that there are macromolecules and

Superbeets Reviews

After our regular hour-long exercise session, my yoga instructor recommended that I see a nutritionist – and from there, the nutritionist recommended that I make some changes to my diet, including switching out unhealthy

Vital Reds Reviews

Vital Reds comes recommended. I know this because I first heard about it from the manager of my local restaurant when I asked how he manages to look so good after pulling off a dinner for a hundred people, and because I’d recommend

Bio X4 Reviews

I spotted an ad for Bio X-4 online and decided to order some of it. Why? My body was telling me that it was time for a change when it came to my health. I wasn’t feeling well overall, I was tired earlier in the day than I used to

SkinnyFit Detox Reviews

Why I Love SkinnyFit Detox I first heard about the SkinnyFit range of products from a friend of mine right after we attended a big work dinner at a local steakhouse. She noticed that I was reaching for the heartburn medication